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EmuCR: ThunderMAME32+ ThunderMAME32+ VER.0.106X (2016.04.11) is released. ThunderMAME32+ is a series of Japanese derivative versions of MAME emulators.

ThunderMAME32+ VER.0.106X (2016.04.11) Changelog:
Changes (bean UI + Lightning)
-Added 0.170 wing force and 0.169 than some new correspondence and clone Captain flag, etc..
And IGA ninjutsu of fixes in MAMEFX refer to further modify. The name entry screen synchronization other than about normalization.

Clone, laser ghost Japan version, Ninja Sura chapter set 4, segac2 rides, we added.

* We add Thunder beans + non-versioned Collections.

Download: ThunderMAME32+ VER.0.106X (2016.04.11)
Source: Here

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