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EmuCR: Emma 02Emma 02 v1.22 is released. Emma 02 is an emulator for the relatively unknown COMX-35 computers from the early 80s. Emma 02 runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

The Emma 02 Emulator is currently emulating the following computers:
· COMX-35
· Cosmac Elf 2000
· Cosmac VIP
· Cosmicos
· Cosmac Elf
· Netronics Elf II
· Quest Super Elf
· RCA Studio II
· Visicom COM-100
· Victory MPT-02
· Cidelsa
· Telmac TMC-600
· Telmac 1800
· Telmac 2000
· Oscom Nano
· Pecom 64
· ETI 660

Emma 02 v1.22 Changelog:
* Added a popup window when loading a binary file and at the same time an address is specified in the 'load' field. The popup will give the option to select either a load at the specified address or at 0.
* Fixed a bug in loading of binary files for computer emulations that used the extended load GUI
* Corrected handling of 'illegal instruction' 68 in CPU 1802 mode; i.e. as an INP 0
* Added menu item 'Settings/Startup Value' to define initial CPU Register, RAM and Video RAM values. Options for CPU Register are zero or random, for RAM/Video RAM zero, random and dynamic. Dynamic is mimicking the COMX dynamic RAM pattern
* Fixed support for Windows 2000 (use XP package)
* Fixed crash on 'Function and Hot Keys'

* Added support for Memory Dump of intel 8275 Video RAM and 1870 Colour RAM
* Added support for COMX SB Eprom Bank switching in Memory Dump
* Fixed a bug in the direct assembler which caused some Chip 8 code to show up on machines not actually running chip 8.
* Corrected updates of Direct Assembler data fields if changed in real time by the emulated computer

* Updated / corrected help for all added features

Video Terminal
* Correct bug in timing VT
* For Cosmac Elf, Netronics Elf II, Quest Super Elf: Added VT 'Ajust baud rate' option which should be selected when using Mini and Super Gold Monitor programs as they use slighly different VT timing
* Corrected saving of VT speed in configuration for Cosmicos
* Correct bug when setting default configuration where VT speed was not shown correctly
* Corrected bug when using 7 bits
* Corrected bug when using parity bit
* Corrected bug in setting VT configuration correctly after use of VT Setup.
* Added option to select bell frequency or wav file

Cosmac Elf, Netronics Elf II, Quest Super Elf
* Added RCABug.hex file in the package
* Corrected mapping / ghosting when using giantboard

Netronics Elf II
* Corrected RAM mapping / ghosting, i.e. only when 256 bytes RAM option is used

Membership Card
* Added support for Chuck's monitor program including binary and hex files for version 1.5
* Chuck's monitor set as default
* Correct bug in loading non-volitile RAM
* Changed led output to OUT 4
* Changed switch input to INP 4
* Added 2 memory configurations to handle 32K ROM - 32K RAM and 32K RAM - 32K ROM (i.e. either ROM/RAM starting at 0 or at @8000)
* Added possibility to save and load filed from/to the VT (for use in L, S, I and C commands of Chuck's monitor
* Corrected I/O handling (INP/OUT 4, 5, 6 and 7 the same and 1, 2, 3 input 69h, 6Ah and 6Bh)
* Added I/O selection on N0, N1 or N2 with N2 being the default setting
* Added support for red/green Q led
* Added configuration and files for Richard's Bascomm3

Download: Emma 02 v1.22 x86
Download: Emma 02 v1.22 x64
Source: Here

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