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EmuCR: MedAdvCFGMedAdvCFG v0.1.4 is released. Mednafen Advanced Configuration Tool. Frontend for Mednafen v0.9.38.x

MedAdvCFG v0.1.4 changelog:
v0.1.4 06-19-2016 1:27 AM
Reorganized main controls
Added Social Media Links/Icons
Now supports custom parameters

v0.1.3 06-18-2016 9:34 PM
M3U Generation now supported!
Select File - Generate Multi-Disc M3U. Enter # of Discs, Select them. Done
Outputs multi.m3u into current folder for MedAdvCFG.exe
Support Controller Selection (PSX Only for now)
Added Players Count, Will add this many input(x) to command line for controller

v0.1.2 06-17-2016 5:44 PM
Supports toggle of untrusted_fip_check parameter.
Used for Multi-Disc games specifying CUE/BIN in diff folders
Supports Multi-Disc games via M3U file.
M3U Generation coming in next build.
Now saves RomPath.
If RomPath or BiosPath exists, Resetting defaults to that path

Download: MedAdvCFG v0.1.4

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