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EmuCR: MS-DOS PlayerMS-DOS Player for Win32-x64 (2016/06/07) is released. MS-DOS Player is MS-DOS emulator running on Win32-x64 command prompt. 16bit MS-DOS compatible commands can be exexuted on Win32-x64 envrionment.

MS-DOS Player for Win32-x64 (2015/11/07) Changelog (Google Translate):

Order to improve the accuracy of the timing of the PIT.
In CPUBENCH would have less variation in the results.

support the int 21 h, ah = 44 h (IOCTRL relationship) or int 21 h, ax = 71 aah (SUBST).
The SUBST is moving. There is no much sense I guess (laughs)

Made for debugging your code.
As a result has implemented some service, found it was not implemented.
However, return an error and the majority is simply not supported wherein features only.

EmuCR: MS-DOS Player for Win32-x64
EmuCR: MS-DOS Player for Win32-x64

Download: MS-DOS Player tested on Windows 7 (x64)(2016/06/07)
Source: Here

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