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EmuCR: Free42 Free42 1.5.8f is released. Free42 is a complete re-implementation of the HP-42S scientific programmable RPN calculator,was made from 1988 until 1995 by Hewlett-Packard and the HP-82240 printer. Free42 was written from scratch, without using any HP code. You do not need any ROM images in order to use it, yet it is fully HP-42S compatible.

Free42 1.5.8f Changelog:
2016-04-26: release 1.5.8f (Android only)

* Rolled back 8e, which was a disaster; it didn't fix the remaining black
line issues, but it did cause crashes everywhere.

2016-04-26: release 1.5.8e (Android only)

* The previous fix for the thin-black-line problem didn't do the job on some
devices. Here's another fix that should do a better job.

2016-04-25: release 1.5.8d (Android only)

* Fixed the thin black lines that would sometimes appear around the display.
* In full-screen mode, swiping down from the top would post the menu, because
the initial touch would be in the same area that Free42 watches as the menu
trigger. I changed the code so that the trigger only fires if the user lifts
their finger while still inside that critical area, which will only happen
if the downward swipe is very short.
* Fixed the top-of-screen menu trigger so that it no longer sabotages keys
that are also in that area, as in the HP_Mega_42 skin.

2016-04-24: release 1.5.8c (Android only)

* Implemented true full-screen mode. This hides the navigation bar as well the
status bar, on devices running Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later.

2016-04-23: release 1.5.8b (Android only)

* Print-Out is now scaled to make better use of available screen width.
* Fixed key clicks.
* Implemented Reverse Portrait (upside-down) mode.

2016-04-17: release 1.5.8a (Android only)

* Tapping in the top half of the display now brings up the app's option menu.

2016-04-17: release 1.5.8

* Entering an END into a program using the CUSTOM menu would leave the program
counter at an invalid value, leading to memory corruption, state file
corruption, and crashes. Fixed.
* Android version: changed haptic feedback code back to using the old API.
* Android version: changed targetSdkVersion from 3.0 to 2.2. This should make
the menu reliably accessible in all Android versions and with all display
* Resurrected the Mac OS X Dashboard version; the display repaint logic now
supports Yosemite (10.10) and later.

Download: Free42 1.5.8f
Source: Here

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