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EmuCR: JavaCPC DesktopJavaCPC Desktop v2.9.5b is released. JavaCPC Desktop is a brand new Amstrad CPC emulator. It is based on JEMU and is an extremely improved release from JavaCPC 6.7. JavaCPC Desktop is designed to be used on Windows systems only, but maybe can run also on other systems, but a few features will be missing then.

JavaCPC Desktop function:
- High accurate emulation of the Amstrad CPC homecomputer range
- Many useful features like internal YM-Player, JavaCPC paint and many more.
- Perfect AY-Soundchip emulation
- German, English and Spanish keyboard translations
- Virtual tapedrive, which supports CDT, CSW, WAV and MP3
- Built-in debugger features breakpoints and break instructions
- Advanced settings provide different AY-output routines to get the most preferred emulation
- Digiblaster emulation
- CRTC 0 and CRTC 1 are emulated to let almost every demo run fine

JavaCPC Desktop v2.9.5b Changelog:
Update from v2.9.4 to v2.9.5b changelog:

New features:
- Assembler understands command "define"
define .myfile = "MYFILE.BIN"
define .mycode = "MYCODE.ASM"
INCBIN .myfile
READ .mycode
this works with INCBIN, INCLUDE and READ (READ is similar to INCLUDE)
When you use INCBIN / INCLUDE / READ instructions, make sure, the additional files are in the same folder than your assembly code.
- Assembler: added IFDEF check
IFDEF does not check the value given to a label, just checks if this label has been defined.
ifdef mylabel

- Fixed LD IXH,x and related instructions

- RasterPaint is improved. You can now select every single zone/line to disable autogeneration for palette. (last palette is used then)
This is VERY useful to remove some unwanted stripes.
Use right mouse button into preview window:
1x clicked: rastermode 1: zones are selectable. (You can see them) Click one to toggle as active (default) or inactive
2x clicked: rastermode 2: lines are selectable. Click them to toggle, too
3x clicked: rastermode 3: zones AND lines are visible and toggle on click
You need to play around with that. But it really can improve the result.
- RasterPaint: Image can be opened in a 3x zoomed frame. It has the same rastermodes to select zones and lines like the main window.
Makes it easier to find / hit the correct zones.

- RasterPaint: Image, which is vertically higher than 320x200 pixel ratio can be scrolled up/down now.
- An emulator has been added :P (You can only use it with a special cheat command from console...) (Hint: It's not a toaster but may have to do with bread)

Many more things fixed, which I forgot now to list were made, too.
And, as usual: Many new bugs added for your pleasure ;-)

EmuCR: JavaCPC Desktop

Download: JavaCPC Desktop v2.9.5b
Source: Here

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