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EmuCR: SEGA GensGens KMod v0.7.3 is released. Gens KMod is a SEGA Genesis/Mega-Drive/Sega-CD/Mega-CD/32X emulator based on the source code of Gens and offers added features.

Gens KMod Features:
* At this time, it can easily be compiled without my mod, and so come back to Gens 2.12a
* Some Gens bugs corrected
* All debug screens are now external (and optmized) windows.
* Dump Ram, VRam, CRam, Tiles, Sprites, YM2612, Genesis ROM, SegaCD ROM, 32X Rom/Ram/Cache/Framebuffers
* Better registers status view.
* Better tiles and pal view.
* Sprite list view.
* Planes view.
* YM2612 debug.
* PSG debug.
* Layers show/hide.
* Watchers (save / load / autoload) for hackers and developers.
* Spy common development errors (bad registers value, sprite limit, read/write)
* Spy DMA (useful for translators/hackers)
* Spy CD Bios call
* 'Blue pause' optionnel
* Add 3 new registers to help development
* GDB Server
* GMV support

Gens KMod Changelog:
* Lot of bugs fixes and optimization
* Ctrl+Alt+L support
* single instance mode
* WinXP support

Download: Gens KMod v0.7.3

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  1. The Best Emulator is Gens Gs R7+ incluye filter hq4x and stretch fit screen.

  2. 404 for source :(((( where to get explanations of files .y12? dump for instruments. i want to unpack it for know where is detune, attack, relise and etc params.

  3. i start to study this dump y12 files - it have no Ch3Mode support? i didnt see where in this files lay 4 parametres of Ch3Mode. and LFO params too.


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