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RxNES v1.532 is released. RxNES is basically 80 lines of code added to an Open Source NES Emulator within the Unity3D Engine. Unity3D is not required, you can upgrade games with the Standalone Build.

RxNES v1.53 Changelog:
- Now you must be logged in to use the Box Art Downloader. (3 Key on Keyboard).
- Box Art Downloader now searches for ROMs for Art, instead of Art for ROMs. (No longer requests server for art it doesn't have.) [MUCH FASTER!]
- FIXED : Couldn't Log-in with a 3 in User/Pass without accidentally launching Box Art Downloader. Oops Sorry :(
- Woke Up, Had a cup of Coffee :)
- "P" Key / Plus & Minus now more reliable (Playback Mode). (You must restart the ROM to play newest (or first) recording, will fix)
- Maybe 3D models in Replay Recordings (Needs further testing and tweaking... Errrr where's the bug?! Will be toggleable next as temp fix)

Download: RxNES v1.532

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