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RxNES v1.61 is released. RxNES is basically 80 lines of code added to an Open Source NES Emulator within the Unity3D Engine. Unity3D is not required, you can upgrade games with the Standalone Build.

RxNES v1.61 Changelog:
- Large Combined Sprites CAN be replaced with 3D Models in this version! Simply name the .obj the same as the .cfg and the .png.
- "Box Boy" now uses the DemoModel as an example of 3D Model .obj replacement.
- Added "Combined Sprites"!! - Press the "Pause" key on your keyboard. Click the sprites you want to be dumped/recognized/replaced as
ONE larger .png. When you click them, they will turn green to indicate they will be dumped. When you have all the little sprite tiles
selected that you want combined, Press "Spacebar"! A preview of the larger sprite you just dumped will be displayed in the center of
the screen until you click the mouse again. The Large Combined Texture will be dumped to that games "\~MyPackage-\" folder along with
a .cfg file. This new graphic RELIES on the .cfg so keep them together. Any editing in the cfg is unnessesary, however I guess you can
edit the physical size of the graphic in the game by editing its Width / Height values in there..
Aside from that, you shouldn't be editing anything in the .cfg. You can Rename the .cfg and .png to whatever you like, but make certain
they match each other. You can increase the resolution of the .png up to 4096x4096 but that 1 graphic would probably not fit your monitor
resolution. While selecting tiles to dump as one, right clicking clears everything selected.
Sorry I just got all this working smooth after 3 days of solid programming, so there is no example supplied. I hope forum mod lyonhrt
can make up an example to be released in the next update. :) THX lyonhrt!

Download: RxNES v1.61

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