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EmuCR: emuControlCenter emuControlCenter v1.22 released. emuControlCenter is an emulator and rom start center for more than 100 retro and nextgen arcade, console, handheld and computer systems. With emuControlCenter you can search and find your favourite games in seconds and start games direct with an simple mouseclick!

emuControlCenter v1.22 Changelog:
– ECC Core
– ECC License now GPLv3
– Fixed some missing icons in the Platform and Rom sub menu system.
– Fixed an « freeze » issue with datfile importing if the path did not exist.
– Fixed issue where you could not import v1.1 or older ECC DAT files properly.
– Fixed an issue where calling the ABOUT screen made ECC close.
– Fixed startup of some GUI’s to CENTER screen.
– Fixed some language lines in ‘i18n_meta.php’ files to be translated.
– Fixed some issues & link in the offline helpfiles.
– Updated PHP-GTK Glade3 GUI from v3.4.3 to v3.6.1.
– Reworked all GLADE GUI’s due to update, some icons have been changed/added.
– Rearranged TOP menu icons.
– Added new theme icons to the TOP menu, no more stock PHP-GTK icons.
– Added proper deactivation on menu items when ALL PLATFORMS has beem selected.
– Cleaned up code in GUI and php code for ROMdb.
– Removed Xpadder and Xpadder options, the freeware v5.3 crashes on Windows 8/10.
– New Option to select a external Joystick emulator yourself now.
– Shipping WorldOfJoysticks v1.57 standard edition (worldofjoysticks.com) with ECC.
– Updated ES language to ECC v1.21 [Jarlaxe]
– Removed unique CID structure in ECC, now implemented UID in autoit variables.
– Updated ECC EMU INI files in « ecc-system\system » these are now exported by EDC.

– Introducing the new EDC module for ECC, with this you can download, install and
configure emulators with a few clicks!
– Project page is on GitHub: https://github.com/PhoenixInteractiveNL/emuDownloadCenter/wiki
– This project had been started in OCT-2016, and with help of ‘Shando’ we have a lift-off!
– You can help collecting and adding more platforms and emulators, it’s all open source!
– You can request specific EDC data export to a file, but you have to work for it 😉

– ECC Documentation
– Now using GitHub wiki markdown documentation, this way it’s maintained better!
– Made a Github wiki markdown to HMTL converter to generate offline documentation!

– ECC Update
– v1.2.0.3
– Removed redundant CID checks.
– v1.2.0.2 (2016.09.15)
– Fixed a bug where eccUpdate! could not find the last update from the server correctly.

– eccThirdPartyConfig
– v1.0.0.3 (2016.09.25)
– Removed Xpadder config.

– eccScriptSystem
– v1.3.0.1 (2016.09.25)
– Removed Xpadder variable, added JoyEmulator variable.

– eccToolVariables
– v1.0.2.0
– Added EDC variables.
– v1.0.1.0
– Added UID string.
– v1.0.0.9 (2016.09.25)
– Removed Xpadder variable, added JoyEmulator variable.

– DatFileUpdater

– v1.3.0.1
– Removed DATE function and string, not used in newer MAME dats anymore
– Fixed NeoGeo driver from ‘neodrvr.cpp’ to ‘neodriv.hxx’

– MobyGamesImporter
– Updated the emuMoviesDownloaderlist from 2012-10-10 to 2016-11-05.

– emuMoviesdownloader
– v1.2.1.3
– Removed redundant CID checks.

– iccImageInject
– v1.1.0.9
– Adjusted CID checks to UID.

– eccDiagnostics
– v1.0.0.4
– Adjusted CID checks to UID.

– Thirdparty updates
– 7-zip v16.02 to v16.04
– Notepad++ v6.9.2 to v7.2.2

– Updated DAT files for:
– CPS-1 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
– CPS-2 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
– CPS-3 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
– MAME : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
– MODEL1 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
– MODEL2 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
– NAOMI : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
– NEOGEO : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
– PGM : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
– S11 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
– S16 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
– S18 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
– S22 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
– ZINC : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)

Download: emuControlCenter v1.22
Source: Here

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