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EmuCR: AtariKat5200 v0.7.0 is released. Kat5200 is an emulator for the Atari 5200 and 8-bit computers.

Kat5200 v0.7.0 Changelog:
* Update to SDL2
* Mac 0S X support
* Fixed: Remapped PC keypad keys don't work
* Fixed: Joystick D-pad/Axis to Atari keypad /
* keyboard doesn't work
* Fixed: No keypad/keyboard after Load State
* Fixed: Windows version AppData directory issue
* Video: Passively use current display mode
* Video: Auto fit to mode (no zoom needed)
* Video: Allow window resize (no zoom needed)
* Video: Don't stretch video, letterbox
* Added: Config file location to GUI
* Updated: Various 8-bit cart settings

Download: Kat5200 v0.7.0
Download: Kat5200 v0.7.0 for xp
Source: Here

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