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EmuCR: PlayStationXebra(Arbex) (2017/03/25) is released. Xebra is a progressing Japanese Playstation(PS) emulator for Win32.

Xebra (2017/03/25) Changelog:
CD: Correction of physical position information during reading
In a recording medium having a large influence of mechanical elements such as thermal expansion, distortion, eccentricity and vibration
Since it is impossible to move the header to the correct position with a single shot,
After moving to the position it is estimated that you will wait for the target position to be encountered while leading.
Then, for specifying the position, the Q channel of the subcode, that is, the physical position information
It is inferred that it will be obtained in advance. Therefore, the physical position information during reading is 2 to 3 sectors
It is considered to precede.

EmuCR: Xebra

EmuCR: Xebra

Download: Xebra (2017/03/25)
Download: Xebra for Android
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