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EmuCR: DBGLDBGL v0.81 is released. DBGL is a Java frontend for DOSBox, based largely upon the proven interface of D-Fend.

DBGL v0.81 Changelog:
* Added 4 new custom text-fields for profiles (RetroFAN).
* Always scale thumb to max dimensions fitting in the clientarea (display resolution), and auto center thumb dialog.
* Altered language dropdown in preferences dialog to also show the native language names.
* Show program version in about dialog (Giorgos).
* Added new XSL for profile-list export to HTML5 using a Vogons theme.
* Fix for setting 'fullresolution=desktop'; In some cases the 'fullresolution' dropdown in DBGL would not allow selection of the value 'desktop' (Jan-Peter).
* Fix for thumb/file order on Windows platform (marquisor).
* Fixed rare crash-bug when deleting thumb images (Neville).
* More accurately determine linux desktop folder for shortcuts (Giorgos).
* Fixed CSV profiles-list export column names (proper casing and proper custom labels).
* Fixed MobyGames profile reader for "Bong Bong" (no developer, no developer link in Credits section and no closing [add credits] link).
* Removed support for searching hotud.org now that the website is offline.
* Spanish translation update from Neville, French translation update by max buttjer.
* Updated SWT libs to, Jersey to 2.25.1, CommonsIO to 2.5, CommonsLang to 3.5 and JUnit to 4.12.

Download: DBGL v0.81
Source: Here

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