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GameLoader ALL RH 262 is released. GameLoader is a Arcade PC game loader.

GameLoader ALL RH Changelog:
· TeknoParrot 0.5 Public has been released, but wait patiently to fix the problem.
* Reaver, are you debugging? .
* I made a simple movie until the game execution.

- "Loader setting 1" tab "High quality mode" was added to Sonic & Sega All - Stars Racing.
- Sonic & Sega All - Stars Racing has "Loader setting 2" tab "Anisotropic filtering New" corresponded.

· Command line option added to Sega Racing Classic.
* When using, specify the appropriate option command for "Loader setting 1" tab "Sega Racing Classic".
* The default value is "- wxga 2 - aa" (resolution 1360 x 768, Anti - Alias).
* With this update, we attached "d1a.exe" which starts at "1600 x 900" when specifying "-uxga" option only this time.
* When using "1 - Sega Racing Classic Full HD 4K (RAR 5)" which is uploaded by a separate entrance, please do not specify the resolution such as "- wxga 2", please start with blank.
* Testmode starts with default value.

important point
There is a problem that the CPU occupancy increases while running RingWide / Edge game, but this is a problem of "DumbJvsCmd.exe", and "Game Loader" is irrelevant.
When "Use Keyboard Input" of DumbJVSManager.exe is enabled, keyboard hotkeys on Game Loader side may not be effective because they are higher hook than Game Loader.
If Game Loader does not finish even if ESC is pressed, please exit with the mouse side hotkey without pressing ESC (hold down the left button and hold down the right button)

· Fixed a bug that FXAA did not become effective when "Loader setting 2" tab "Anisotropic filtering New" was selected when "Loader Mode = 3" Loader setting 1 "tab was selected" FXA ".

Download: GameLoader ALL RH 262

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  1. For Let's go Island, in GameLoader RH you have to select the path for DumbJVSLoader exe. and then set your keyboard setting. However, it just doesnt carry over the keyboard input once you load it from RH. Even after you've set you keyboard input to enter game menu in order to calibrate, once you load from RH, the keyboard inputs don't work anymore. Can you please fix this on your next update?


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