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EmuCR: NeoPop SDLNeoPop SDL v0.4 is released. NeoPop SDL is a NeoGeo Pocket Color Emulator for 3DS.

Notes to the alpha release (v0.1)
- The emulator is fully working, but lacks of a gui for changing the options and loading roms.
- To test the emulator put a rom image in the 3ds SD in the folder roms/neogeopocket, and rename the rom in rom.ngc.
- Since this is a preview release, it's only in 3dsx format. a CIA buld will come later.
- Default frameskip is 1. You can increse it wit R button, but leaving it to 1 should be fine
- Source code will be available on my Github when I have time to upload it.

NeoPop SDL Changelog
Ver. 0.4 (14 June 2017)
Completed the menu
fixed the grayscale rendering
removed frameskip change with L/R buttons and fullscreen toggling with Y

Keypad: directions
A - A Key
B - B Key
START - Pause
L and R - Chage frameskip

Download: NeoPop SDL v0.4

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