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EmuCR: PlayStationXebra(Arbex) (2017/06/10) is released. Xebra is a progressing Japanese Playstation(PS) emulator for Win32.

Xebra (2017/06/10) Changelog:
Transfer rate (GPU-chain) is unknown from when it is about
It was fixed because it was invalidated.
Since the tag part and the data part are too different in the rate,
We made them separately, and we used coefficients of GPU-in for the data part.

The default value of Stall Rate (GPU - in) from 0x14 to 0x8 at the above review
I tried to change it, so it was quite probable that this was an enemy case
It returned to 0x14.

EmuCR: Xebra

EmuCR: Xebra

Download: Xebra (2017/06/10)
Download: Xebra for Android
Source: Here

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