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EmuCR:Classic99 Classic99 v395 is released. Classic99 is a freeware TI-99/4A emulator for Windows 9x.

Classic99 runs most stuff fine:
- More filesystem debug
- Added ability to set Program Counter (disasm page)
- Added better description of file header mismatch
- Added better detection of TIFILES header
- Fixed broken host text file fixed/variable determination
- Commented out speech and dac warning debugs (they don't help)
- Print one less debug line to window to avoid last line being masked

Classic99 v395 Changelog:
* added cartridge eject to the menu
* added CPU and GPU separate debug options (not certain they are 100%)
* fix certain reset issues by enabling a forced breakpoint
* throttling updates to improve consistency
* added tests for VRAM file buffers to aid debug of code that overwrites them
* fix disk access that writes right up to >3FFF (pCode card in particular)
* disable F18A status register select debug
* add warning on odd PC address being set
* add support for F18A GPU: CALL,RET,PUSH,POP,SLC
* updated HQ4X filter - new filter code and should fix corrupted graphics in DIB blit mode
* reduce duplicated debug when setting top of VRAM


Download: Classic99 v395
Source: Here

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