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SL9821 v0.2.4.3 is released. SL9821 is a PC9821 Emulator for windows.

SL9821 v0.2.4.3 changelog:
Fixed a bug where serial port was not functioning in Windows version, added serial port function in Mac version (Flow control probably does not work properly in any version)
Compatible with CD-ROM drive with Mac version. Operation confirmation was done with Pioneer BDR-XD04J. Even the same Pioneer did not work on DVR-XD09J, so it does not seem to work on all drives (although DVR-XD09J could not recognize media with macOS, it seems like a previous problem But...).
Divide error originally occurred with idiv instruction of CPU Fixed a problem that error did not occur in part of calculation
Experimentally correspond to GDC's SYNC command interlace setting
Experimentally respond to setting change of prescaler of FM sound source
Other minor bug fixes
The Mac version has the same value from this version to the Windows version

Download: SL9821 v0.2.4.3

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