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RetroMap v0.0.1 is released. RetroMap is an emulation front-end made in MonoGame.

RetroMap v0.0.1 changelog:
A very, very barebones release of RetroMap. I created this after about 4 days of work, so this front-end definitely needs more work. As of right now, RetroMap creates a folder on the C:/ Drive with the folders Config, Emulators, and Roms inside it. Move the emulators' folders to the Emulators folder, and make sure that the .exe file is inside their folder.

(Example: "Emulators/Dolphin/Dolphin.exe")

Roms need to be transferred within folders to the Roms folder by system.

(Example: "Roms/NES/Super Mario Bros.nes")

As I said, this emulator is very early, but there shouldn't be too many bugs with it. (In theory) Hopefully you guys like it!

Quick Update: Graphics Menu now works perfectly!
Second Update: Now the program should work properly! Facepalm

Download: RetroMap v0.0.1

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