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Spectrumamin v1.0b is released. Spectrumamin is a ZX Spectrum 48/128/+2/+3 Emulator for Windows.

I post the first release of my Spectrumamin emulator, with minimal functionality, for public testing of the quality of emulation and compatibility with games and demos. Management - context menu (right click) and hotkeys (see the menu).

Priorities for development:
1) ease of use;
2) accuracy of emulation - z80, delays, ports, undocumented features.
From the periphery, except for the campstone on the arrows + TAB, and ULAplus, TR-DOS (trd, scl and hobeta) and + 3DOS (.dsk) are currently limitedly supported, within the capabilities of dll-ek from the SpecEmu emulator (Mark Woodmass allowed them use, for which he thanks a lot).

The emulator is distributed as doneshnvare, that is free, but if there is a desire to support the development of Donate, the requisites in About the emulator.

Exactly works under Windows 7 32 and Windows XP 32, under other OS did not check.

Download: Spectrumamin v1.0b

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