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vDosPlus (2017/09/21) is released. vDosPlus (formerly vDos-lfn) is a general-purpose non-gaming DOS emulator running on Windows, based on vDos and DOSBox. vDosPlus is designed to run non-gaming DOS applications in all current Windows versions. NTVDM (NT Virtual DOS Machine) is included in 32-bit Windows, but NOT in 64-bit Windows. However, most today's Windows is now 64-bit, and to run DOS programs you need a DOS emulator. vDosPlus is exactly for this purpose, and like original vDos it provides advanced features such as support for file-locking (needed by multi-user applications) and printing to Windows-only (GDI) printers, but it also has many unique features such as a tighter integration with Windows and enhanced keyboard, mouse and display support. It was formerly known as vDos-lfn because its initial focus was added support for Windows-style long filenames or LFNs in addition to traditional DOS 8.3 file names, but now with a wide range of additional features there are much more than this. It is based on mature projects and also well tested by for example the XyWrite community and many normal or power users of various DOS applications, so it should be considered pretty stable as well.

vDosPlus Features:
- It runs in both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (all versions up to the latest release)
- Run your DOS applications reliably in a DOS virtual machine; the text-mode DOS screen (either in a window or full-screen) is fully scalable with a TTF font
- Network support and multi-user environment friendly with file- and record locking; you can always run multiple DOS applications in different vDosPlus sessions
- Tight integration with Windows, including direct support for Windows-style long filenames (LFN), copying to and pasting from the Windows clipboard, and so on
- Support for multi-monitor setups, on-screen text styles (such as bold and italics), border/edge padding, mouse wheel scrolling, transparent window, and many more
- Built-in 4DOS 8.00 shell which provides powerful command-line and other functionalities; you can also find many useful information from its interactive help system
- You can customize the config settings easily by editing the configuration file, changing them on the fly, or you can simply use the default settings for vDosPlus
- Powerful printing functionalities to print to PCL and PostScript printers as well as Windows-only (GDI) printers directly; printing to PDF is also supported

vDosPlus changelog:
- Added the TRUENAME command as in DOS 4.0+ to the internal non-4DOS shell; it accepts a /W option which (when specified) will display the actual Windows path rather than the DOS path inside vDosPlus
- The DIR command of the internal non-4DOS shell now supports the use of the DIRCMD environment variable to preset switches, e.g. "SET DIRCMD=/P", and preset switches can be overridden by prefixing any switch with -, e.g. "DIR /-P"
- (Revision B) Slightly improved handling for switching code pages when some character is undefined in the current TTF font and also fixed possible crash when using MS-DOS 7.10 COMMAND.COM to run batch files with very long lines
- The vDosPlus "Check for updates" feature now checks for the Revision number in addition to the vDosPlus build date when looking for a new vDosPlus build

Download: vDosPlus (2017/09/21)

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