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EmuCR: DBGLDBGL v0.82 is released. DBGL is a Java frontend for DOSBox, based largely upon the proven interface of D-Fend.

DBGL v0.82 Changelog:
Implemented basic support for Yesterplay80's DOSBox ECE. This means support for the latest integrated Munt configuration settings, Ant_222's experimental Pixel-perfect tweaks, the Voodoo patch and the most important FluidSynth switches.
For those who do intend to use DOSBox ECE with DBGL, make sure to add the following values in the "Dynamic options" (File -> Preferences -> Dynamic options):fullresolution: desktop windowresolution: desktopoutput: surfacepp surfacenp surfacenbscaler: normal4x normal5x normal6xdevice: mt32 fluidsynthoplemu: nukedems: emsboard emm386
Fixed regression in Mac build (since 0.80d) related to line breaks causing the dbgl startup shell script to malfunction (victoria).
Added option in AddGameWizard to create a unique mapper file for the new game (jjh76).
Pressing the
button next to the mapperfile field in the profile editing dialog will also use a unique mapperfile for the profile. It is even possible to use this feature in a template, so that when the template is used for a profile, a unique mapperfile is used in the profile.
Fixed crash when trying to load a corrupt .gif file (Neville).

Download: DBGL v0.82
Source: Here

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