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Wataroo v0.7.1.0 is released. Wataroo is a Watara SuperVision emulator. Wataroo is closed source and only available for Microsoft Windows. The intentions of this program are to function as both a development tool and preservation of the SuperVision architecture.

What's Emulated
Mappers : STANDARD (16K - 128K)
Button Input

Gamepad Support
Save States
CPU Overclocking
Custom Palettes
Includes 'WaTest' Software

Wataroo v0.7.1.0 Changelog:
Added :
* Mouse cursor autohiding in Full Screen Mode.
* Super Divider audio enhancement feature.
* Waveform hardware checks to WaTest.
* List of detected joysticks now displayed after a manual rescan.
* XInput support.
Cleanup :
* Split 65C02 emulation into fetch and execute phases to fudge timing a little better.
* Pulse channels’ prescaler reset conditions adjusted to better match the hardware.
* Noise channel’s dividers were running half as fast as they should have been.
* DMA check in WaTest now performs transfers both to and from VRAM.
* Joystick auto rescanning would never trigger from a cold start if multiple joysticks were connected.
* Joystick auto rescan interval reduced from four to two seconds.
* Corrected a fairly embarrassing access violation when loading user button mappings.

EmuCR: Wataroo

Download: Wataroo v0.7.1.0
Source: Here

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