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EmuCR: WiiUCemUI v2.3.0 is released. CemUI is a Cemu frontend. CemUI is a simplistic, open source launcher "hub" for the Cemu WiiU emulator that stores your Cemu games in a nice easy-to-access fashion, developed and maintained by RedDucks and MrIlliteracy. CemUI is still in heavy development and may be unstable at times (mainly when using developer builds). There are many features planned not yet implemented.

Cemu GUI Changelog:
– Many misc bug fixes/optimizations
– Working settings sidebar
– Full SMMDB integration
– SMM (Super Mario Maker) course displaying/basic editing/uploading (to SMMDB)
– Flux theme (new default)
– Ability to load in custom themes
– Multi-cemu instance support and adding/removal
– Multi-game folder support and adding/removal
– WiiU game downloading and decryption (CemUI is now all-in-one) (decryption handled by CDecrypt due to legal reasons)
– Cemu 1.11-esque update and DLC auto installation (designed for use on pre-1.11 Cemu versions, as Cemu 1.11 has this functionality built in)

Download: CemUI v2.3.0
Source: Here

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