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EmuCR: higanhigan v106r1 is released.. higan (formerly bsnes) is a Nintendo multi-system emulator that began development on 2004-10-14. It currently supports the following systems:
- Famicom
- Super Famicom
- Game Boy
- Game Boy Color
- Game Boy Advance

higan also supports the following subsystems:
- Super Game Boy
- BS-X Satellaview
- Sufami Turbo

higan Changelog:
- Z80: infinite DD/FD prefixes will no longer cause an emulator crash;
but will still deadlock savestates
- Z80: emulated R incrementing on M1 cycles
- Z80: `LD a, [ir]` should update flags [hex_usr]
- Z80: minor code cleanups
- tomoko: added “Pause Emulation” toggle to Tools menu
- you can still use the hotkey to pause emulation before starting
a game if you really want to
- this will be useful if and when I re-add trace logging to
capture instructions from power-on
- icarus: more PAL games added to the SNES database

I hope I've implemented R correctly. It should only increment twice on
DD,FD CB xx instructions. LDI/LDD/LDIR/LDDR should work as expected as
well. It increments once when interrupts are executed (and not maksed.)
The top bit is ignored in increments.

Download: higan v106r1
Source: Here

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