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Injectiine v1.21 is released. Injectiine is a Wii U VC batch injector by CatmanFan.

Supported Consoles:
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
Nintendo 64 (N64)
Nintendo DS (NDS)
Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Injectiine Features:
* Batch interface
* Functional VC injectors
* Multi-line support
* Custom bootSound support (optional)
* N64 converter for converting *.n64 and *.v64 ROMs to *.z64 format
* MetaVerify for verifying converted TGA images
* snesROMUtil for verifying SNES ROMs and removing headers
* Option to pack game in either encrypted WUPInstaller format or decrypted Loadiine (GX2) format
* Option to select SM64 INI, DK64 INI, custom INI or blank INI when injecting N64 games
* Option to input your own options when using custom N64 INIs (UseTimer, RetraceByVsync, etc.)
* Option to define your custom INI/ROM name for N64 injects (e.g. Undop0.599, UNSMJ3.002, UNLEE0.123)
* Injectable NES Zapper emulation via Wii Remote
* Option to use decrypted base from Files directory

Injectiine v1.21 Changelog:
-Updated Loadiine compiling process
-Added option to use decrypted NES base from Files directory. All consoles available now support offline injection.
-Added Duck Hunt [EUR] as NES base (supports emulation of the NES Zapper via Wii Remote)
-Fixed offline SNES base injection
-Fixed offline NDS base injection
-Added fnr.exe automatic deletion which fixed bug where generated output folder was empty (NDS only)
-Updated readme.txt
-Updated changelog.txt

Download: Injectiine v1.21

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