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EmuCR: RetroArch  RetroFE v0.8.14 is released. RetroFE is a front-end, which can be used as a graphical user interface to display, select and launch your games, videos, and programs. Its most common usage is for game emulation. RetroFE allows you to define collections, which can be displayed using a menu structure with additional artwork like video, box art, screenshots, etc.

RetroFE v0.8.14 Changelog:
- Added new RetroFE icon, thanks to RCK.
- Fixed playing of select sound; it was not tested for completion before launching the game.
- Fixed menuIndex !, >, and < for menuIndex other than 0. - Added menuScrollReload attribute for reloadable items to allow reloading of the art/text while scrolling through the menu. - Fixed support for default.png in the common mode for reloadable media. - Fixed case sensitivity for launcher conf extension. - Game index counter now runs during scrolling. (Aeon Nox layout) Download: RetroFE v0.8.14

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