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EmuCR: MAME Content Manager PlusMAME Content Manager Plus v1.2 is released. MAME Content Manager Plus is a simple program that makes it easy to control what types of ROMs you keep on your PC. MAME Content Manager Plus lets you easily rename or delete all MAME ROMs and games files by category - Adult, Quiz, Mahjong, Puzzle, etc.

MAME Content Manager Plus v1.2 Changelog:
- Changed some variable types to properly handle Unicode strings
- Added support for MAME v0.193 and newer (mostly for driver status columns)
- Exit button was not aligned to the right side of the main window
- Added a MAME version label in "Search Results" / "Work List" pages so you know what emulator version you're working with
- Screen type info no longer used (raster, vector, etc...)
- Added a "Rebuid Games List" checkbox below the "MAME Executable File" edit box to force create a new games list ("Setup Emulators and Category Files" page)
- useful if you want to create a new games list and overwrite an existing one using the same emulator file
- this setting is always unchecked when restarting the application
- it's only visible if "listfull.txt" file is found
- Driver status column text headers are manually drawn from bitmaps, fixing their text not showing when horizontal bars are visible
- Massive source code cleaning
- Weird and unsolvable bug: pressing "ESC" key fires "Select" button for "MAME Executable File"
- Changed category ini file priority to "catver.ini" since "category.ini" doesn't have "mature/adult" category listed
- Driver status entries not defined in -listxml output were showing a wrong icon in "Search Results" / "Work List" driver columns
- Several visual tweaks

Download: MAME Content Manager Plus v1.2
Source: Here

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