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EmuCR:Neko Project IINeko Project 21/W v0.86 Rev. 38 is released. Neko Project II is a port to the Wii of NP2 (Neko Project II), NEC PC-9801 emulator, programmed by Yui.

Neko Project 21/W v0.86 Rev. 38 Changelog:
· We made it possible to customize seek sound and relay switching sound
· For details, refer to the page of the external file of attached help
· Seek sound is seek.wav, seek1.wav, relay switching sound is relay1.wav
· Added setting screen for 118 sound source and Mate-X PCM
· Sound Blaster 16 setting screen added
· Corrected the process of CS 4231 (it may be bad)
· I made it possible to use NECCDM.SYS to some extent
· Fixed an unfounded modification of β1
· CD-DA playback may be normalized in DOS application premised by NECCDM.SYS
· Known bug: It takes a lot of time to play CD-DA on Win 3.1 media player
- Fixed a bug that FDD will not be visible on Windows 2000 in case of no real machine BIOS
- A memory check of 128 MB or more is now emulated
· Even if the installed memory is set to 230 MB it will be counted to the end
· When it is time consuming and disliking, please use Skip over 16MB memcheck of Other menu or see private function

Download: Neko Project 21/W v0.86 Rev. 38

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