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EmuCR: QuickPlayQuickPlay v4.6.0 is released. QuickPlay is a powerful universal emulator frontend, which has support for countless emulators and systems. QuickPlay is written in Delphi 2006 and is released under a BSD license which means its free AND you can take the source code and do whatever you want with it, as long as you leave our names in it somewhere.

QuickPlay v4.6.0 Changelog:
– Mame softlists: other game names functionality:
Mame made some mistakes:
1) mamenames for games are unique per-machine’s device, not
unique per machine as they should be (`smb2` could be both a flop
for the Jap version and a cart for the US version, so what happens
when you call `mame famicom smb2`?)
2) mamename loading (without specifying device) does nice
things like multi-disc loading. If you do specify device, no
nice things
3) its hard to tell when you have a name conflice, which
device will be treated as the ‘default’
So, to load the correct game, we look for exceptional game name
conflicts between the original softlists for a system. If
we find conflicts, only then do we override the mame call by
specifying device
– fix some other issues found to get more games working in
mame, in particular:
– the custom calls needed for the nes_ and snes_ ‘special
cartridge’ softlists
– forcing up the rating of certain emulators for a system, to make
sure games load easier, in particular msx1_flop, where a late
Brazilian variant loads double-density disks, and msx2p, where
the previous default emus required you to know Japanese to load a
– make image fit in thumbnail media panel view…
– add back and next buttons for image viewer
– update and tweak the RetroArch efind, many additions and fixes to take up to RetroArch 1.6.9
– stop multiloader using deamon tools to mount zips (turns out it was VERY slow, often in-game, just always unzip)
– refresh mednafen efinds (add mednafen saturn)

EmuCR: QuickPlay

Download: QuickPlay v4.6.0
Source: Here

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