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EmuCR: GroovyMameGroovyMame v0.197 SwitchRes v0.017h is released. GroovyMame is a custom M.A.M.E. build mainly aimed at CRT monitors, as we are convinced CRT technology is a must when it comes to enjoying emulation in its full glory. However you can use GroovyMAME to alliviate some of the annoyances associated to emulation on LCD displays, specially for those models which are capable of refreshing at custom rates.

GroovyMame v0.197 SwitchRes v0.017h changelog:
- Added slider control for frame delay [intealls]
- Added speed statistics to the -bench command to estimate the right value of frame delay for a specific game [intealls]

Download: GroovyMame v0.197 SwitchRes v0.017h x64
Source: Here

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