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JRomManager v1.2 build 8 is released. JRomManager ia a Rom Manager entirely written in Java and released under GPL v3.

Current Features:
* Zip support
* Mame and Logiqx Dat formats
* Import from Mame executable
* Dat parsing caching via Java Serialization
* Optimized to permit scan over shared network
* Dir scan caching via Java Serialization based on FileMDate+FileSize, one cache file per romdir, reusable between different Dat Scans if same dir used
* Split Scan/Fix/Rebuild
* Non-Merged Scan/Fix/Rebuild
* Merged Scan/Fix/Rebuild (with choice in case of name collision)
* Full SHA1 scan or on-need SHA1 scan in case of suspicious CRC32
* Retain SHA1 in cache until zip file change
* CHD support (no separate dir from roms yet)
* Per profile settings (what to fix, how to scan, ...)
* MultiThreading support (at least for archive manipulation and checksum calculation, fast disks required)
* MD5 support (for old dats)
* 7z support via SevenZipJBinding + 7z command line as functional backup
* TorrentZip support via trrntzip command line
* Multiple Source Dir
* Enhanced Gui with Report
* Translated to English and French
* Software List support
* Filtering functionalities (clone, chds, systems list, display mode, cabinet type, driver status, ...)

JRomManager v1.2 build 8 Changelog:
* When Importing Software List, Roms will be also imported... As a consequence:
Roms are displayed with software lists in profile viewer
There is a jrm profile format (xml inside), that tell where to find the two mame xml files (roms + swlists)
Roms ans SWLists are scanned at the same time
There is now an optional software dir and an even more optional software disks dir
* Double click on game name in profile viewer will launch game if (Mame is linked with profile and item is green)
* Double click on software name in profile viewer will launch software with a valid machine (if Mame is linked with profile and item is green)
* Double click on cloneof or romof item in profile viewer will jump to that item definition
* Search field in profile viewer
* Complete profile manager with stats
* TorrentZip support is now integrated and optimized (with Jtrrntzip)
* Optional Separate Dest dir between Roms, CHDs, Software Roms, Software CHDs
* Option to ignore unknown containers
* Option to ignore unneeded containers
* Option to ignore unneeded entries
* Option to do implicit merging (like ClrMamePro)
* Drag & Drop on src/dest dirs controls
* Added garbage filter when importing xml from mame executable
* Extra code to handle bad or incomplete Dats
* Bug Fixes

Download: JRomManager v1.2 build 8

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