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EmuCR: RPCEmu Spoon EditionRPCemu v0.9.0 is released. RPCEmu is the continued development of the popular Acorn machine emulator by Tom Walker. It emulates an Acorn RiscPC and A7000.

RPCemu v0.9.0 Changelog:
The two major changes in version 0.9.0 compared to previous versions.

Changed to the Qt5 library for the GUI. Previously we used the Allegro 4 library and additional win32 code.
The GUI is shared by all platforms, reducing maintenance work.
The Linux/BSD builds gain the full GUI that previously was Windows only.
The full-screen mode should no longer crash.
The full-screen mode uses software scaling. It will no longer resize your host OS desktop and it preserves the aspect ratio of the emulator video modes.
The clock "drift" (where host and emulated clock move apart) should be gone. As such we no longer enable the SyncClock module by default. However if this is causing you an issue please report it.
Changed the threading model of the program so that the GUI is in a separate thread from the emulation of the machine.
The most obvious change from this is that opening menus and configure windows do not halt the emulation of the machine while you work with them.

Additional fixes in version 0.9.0
Linux: Support being built as a position independent executable (PIE), this allows the 64-bit recompiler builds to work without modification on Linux distributions which compile all software as PIE by default (e.g. Ubuntu 16.10 and later)
Windows: HostFS date stamps should be correct regardless of Daylight Savings Time flag.
ARM Core: STM with store of R15 should vary with processor type (x86 recompiler).
ARM Core: STRT/STRBT with store of R15 should store same value as STR/STRB.
The mouse will work when changing between A7000 and RPC models without having to rerun RPCEmu.
In 'Follow host mouse' mode, enabled support for OS_Word 21,3 'Move Mouse', also supports BBC BASIC 'MOUSE TO'.
In 'Follow host mouse' mode, the mouse should work correctly if you change to fullscreen, change RISC OS mode and leave fullscreen again.
Clang compiler is now recognised when writing to the log file.
A special thanks to the members of the RPCEmu mailing list who helped with testing these wide-ranging changes.

Download: RPCemu v0.9.0

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