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EmuCR: higanhigan v106r36 is released. higan (formerly bsnes) is a Nintendo multi-system emulator that began development on 2004-10-14. It currently supports the following systems:
- Famicom
- Super Famicom
- Game Boy
- Game Boy Color
- Game Boy Advance

higan also supports the following subsystems:
- Super Game Boy
- BS-X Satellaview
- Sufami Turbo

higan Changelog:
* Update to v106r36 release.

byuu says:


- nall: renamed array to adaptive_array; marked it as deprecated
- nall: created new array class; which is properly static (ala
std::array) with optional bounds-checking
- sfc/ppu-fast: converted unmanaged arrays to use nall/array (no speed
- bsnes: rewrote the cheat code editor to a new design
- nall: string class can stringify pointer types directly now, so
pointer() was removed
- nall: added array_view and pointer types (still unsure if/how I'll
use pointer)

Download: higan v106r36 x64
Source: Here

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