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EmuCR: pSNESpSNES v1.3 is released. Portable Snes9x for Nintendo Switch. The main goals of this snes9x port are: have a basic but user friendly user interface on non windows devices ; use a recent rendering interface for speed and effects support ; cross-platform and code portability ; easy updates of snes9x core (no modifications to the original sources).

Currently supported devices:
Linux (sdl1, sdl2)
Nintendo Switch (libnx, sdl2)

Installation (switch):
copy "psnes" directory to "/switch/" directory on sdcard
copy roms to "/switch/psnes/roms/" directory on sdcard
Usage (switch)
Press (+) in the rom list to configure main options and default roms options
Press (-) in the rom list to configure per rom options
Press (+) AND (-) when in emulation to bring the options menu

pSNES v1.3 changelog:
fix some case where buttons were broken in the saves dialog
add option to enable/disable database for roms handling (db.xml), application restart required (disable by default)
correctly load preview images when no database is used

Download: pSNES v1.3

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