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EmuCR: MESSMessoXtras v0.51 is released. A port of MESS for Xbox. Emulated systems are currently Bally Astrocade, Casio PV-1000, coCo 1, 2 and 3, Emerson Arcadia 2001, Epoch Game Pocket Computer, Epoch Super Cassette Vision, Fairchild Channel F, Fujitsu FM-7, Fujitsu FM77-AV, Funtech Super A'Can, Hartung Game Master, Mattel Aquarius, Mega Duck, PC-6001, PC-6601, Philips CDi, Philips VG-5000, Sharp MZ-2500, Sharp X1, Socrates Educational Video System, Sord M5, Tatung Einstein and VTech Laser 200. More systems will be added in later releases.

MessoXtras changelog:
* New supported systems: Apple Macintosh Plus (hard disk images), Microbee 16 Standard, Microbee PC85 Premium, Microkey Primo B-64, Tomy Tutor, VTech Creativision
* Speed improved (less slowdowns now)
* Launching a game with the X button, we create an individual configuration file for that game (in the old version, configuration files were made for each system). With this trick, all the keyboard-based systems are playable even if you don't have a keyboard, because you can assign different button configurations per game.
* Now you can have your roms in DVDs, to save hard disk space (for example, you can save your favorite Philips CDi games in a DVD recorded in UDF format, in a folder named D:\roms\cdimono1, and then select this media with the white button in the rom selection menu).
* After you exit from a game, the menu will return to the previously selected system and rom.
* Fixed a bug in the Philips CDi emulation: now the game "The Apprentice" works!!
* All the games are included and playable in the Socrates Educational Video System (in the old release, only the basic BIOS games were available).

Download: MessoXtras v0.51

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