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EmuCR: VBA Next SwitchVBA Next Switch v0.7 is released. A VBA-M port for Nintendo Switch. It's based of the libretro port(the actual emulator) and 3DSGBA(the GUI, although heavily refactored). After porting 3DSGBA(which often crashed probably because of a huge amount of memory leaks), I tried porting mGBA which ran not so well. That's why I decided to experiment with a lighter less accurate emulator, which lead to this port.

* Quite high compability(haven't tried many games)
* Save games and save states
* Frameskip

* In rare occasions the audio has problems
* Video and Input not frame accurate(see Speed hack)

VBA Next Switch v0.7 Changelog:
Cheat support. They can be directly entered from the emulator, just enter the cheats menu from the pause menu.
Fullscreen UI in docked mode(though the implementation isn't optimal, also currently not tested)
Some minor improvements and adjustments, seriously

Download: VBA Next Switch v0.7

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