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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X v0.82.10 is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
PC-98 INT 1Bh floppy emulation now fakes success for
calls to format track.
Initial keyboard pause fixed
PC-98 INT 1Bh floppy disk BIOS call now resets timer
interval per call. This fixes Ys II after disk swap.
BIOS fixed to put normal "unhandled INT call" handler
for INT 0-7 even in PC-98 mode to avoid confusion
between game crashes and unknown INT calls.
VFD image support fixed to properly handle disk images
where a sector is marked with fill byte 0xFF and the
data field is 0xFFFFFFFF, which means the sector contents
are all 0xFF.
DOSBox-X now supports T98 NFD disk images (R0).
BIOS data area now properly reports a high-resolution
CRT display.
INT DCh AH=1 CL=10h added, which is apparently a print
string function.
BIOS data area now reports 188+ user-definable CG slots,
which makes GAJET happy.
FDI image support fixed to read the header instead of
treating it as a plain disk image with 4096 of junk.
PC-98 character generator is now accessible through both
I/O ports A1h-A9h and through memory-mapped I/O range
A4000-A401F. This fixes missing text in Eve Burst Error.
Gravis Ultrasound emulation will no longer log GUS reset
writes in cases where the same value is being written
repeatedly, to reduce log clutter. Some demoscene
productions have music routines that trigger GUS reset
repeatedly without changing the register.
Added "gus master volume" setting to deal with games or
demoscene productions where the music is too loud and clipping.
Added "Pause with interrupts". When enabled, the CPU is directed
into a CALLBACK_Idle() loop to halt the game's main
logic while allowing interrupts to run. This is useful
for recording the game or demo's music because most DOS
games/demos run the music and sound effects from interrupt
handlers instead of the main loop.
Audio/video capture fixed to render audio even if muted,
instead of rendering garbage to the capture file when
audio is muted.
Experimental Emscripten + Node target (not reliable yet).
Added option to control how unhandled IRQs are dealt with.
One option, mask_isr, is derived from em-dosbox.
Code added to read the screen dimensions in Linux/X11,
either through XRandR or through the base X11 API.
Code added to read and store the dimensions, size, and
DPI (Dots per Inch) of the screen.
Fixed bug that enabled IBM style APM BIOS in PC-98 mode.
For PC-98 mode, PIC emulation by default (but controllable
through dosbox.conf) now initializes the PIC at startup to
return the ISR (interrupt in-service) register instead of
the IRR (interrupt request) register. This fixes FM
music problems with Blackbird by Vivian caused by a
programming mistake in the FM interrupt handler.
PIC emulation now accepts a dosbox.conf option not to mark
the cascade interrupt as in service, for troublesome games.
VESA BIOS emulation now supports a packed 16-color (4bpp)
mode as seen on a Toshiba Libretto (Chips & Tech) system.
The packed format is different than the normal planar 16-color
SVGA modes seen on most systems.
INT 33h no longer reports relative mouse motion unless the
user captures the cursor.
Fixed EGA 16-color display modes (M_EGA) to honor CGA and
Hercules compatible mapping modes (bits 0 and 1 of the
CRTC mode control) and limit memory display to 8KB or 16KB
accordingly. This fixes the mode select screen in the game
"Prehistorik 2".
Removed Sound Blaster goldplay mode + sample accurate mode
warning, goldplay mode no longer has issues with sample
accurate mode.
Mixer "sample accurate" mode fixed to work again.
Windows SDL1 builds fixed to work around Windows SDK-level API
limitation that normally prevents Win32 applications from
fully receiving WM_KEYDOWN events for the left/right shift
keys independently. Left and right shift keys are now fully
usable on Windows builds (i.e. for use with pinball games).
INSTALL.MD guide and test files (Aybe)
CONFIG -get now populates %CONFIG% environment variable with
configuration setting (follow DOSBox SVN behavior)

Download: DOSBox-X v0.82.10
Source: Here

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