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EmuLoaderEmu Loader v8.6.8 is released. Emu Loader was created to manage an arcade games emulator called M.A.M.E. With this frontend, you can change practically any option that is available in the emulator, like the screen resolution, sound quality, game options, etc. There are lots of extra features that makes your life much more easier, like the snapshots viewer where all captured images from M.A.M.E. games can be viewed when selecting games.

Emu Loader Changelog:
Setting "Add Leading Zero to Version Info Column" was always running after close preferences screen, even if you don't change it
Fixes and tweaks to MAME/HBMAME audit system; you must re-create MAME/HBMAME games lists to apply, no way around it
- merged tag was not set in several clones
- added two new fields in the game info to improve clone sets audit; generated in RAM while loading ROMs database "mame.elrom":
- "Set with all game ROMs "nodump" state: just for the game ROMs (exclude bios/device ROMs and parent ROMs)
- "Set with all parent game ROMs "nodump" state: check if parent set have only "nodump" ROMs (excludes bios/device ROMs and clone ROMs)
- several MAME sets that have game ROMs were tagged as "set with no game ROMs"
- filter "Games With No Main Set" was showing games that shouldn't be there
- games audit system was also affected, specially if clone sets were merged into their parent
- most affected: games in "Konami System 573" and several other MAME machines with similar ROMs/CHDs configuration
- several MAME clone sets were not audited correctly because all game ROMs from parent set are tagged as "nodump" and the frontend could not finding "parentsetname.zip" file (not required by MAME when all ROMs are tagged as "nodump")
- sets were all game ROMs have "nodump" tags but also have CHD files were not audited correctly, showing up as "missing"
- Sega Chihiro games are now properly audited; SHA-1 checksum for "seganetw" device set wasn't handled correctly due missing to "CRC32 collision" tags
Games popup menus "Select Set" were not working properly for bios/device sets
Tweaks to "Game Details" screen
- "Game Files" section now shows a green text if clone game is merged into parent set
- sets with all game ROMs tagged as "nodump" now show in green with a "(nodump)" text
- the ROMs list panel now shows "have/miss" proper info and icon even on "missing" games
- other minor tweaks
Games list font settings do not change anymore when using "available/missing filter" in tool bar buttons
Added "Arcade Italia" URL links to the "Internet Game Info" feature (Preferences screen, "General" tab)
Support for MAME PDF manuals (.pdf files)
- select a folder in MAME Settings screen, "Folders" tab or in Preferences screen, "MAME Game Docs" tab
- no zipped files support, .pdf files must be unzipped
- relative path support (relative to MAME base directory)
- default folder is "manuals"
- parent set manual can be opened with clone games
- files are opened with the Windows associated application for .pdf files (external utility)
- setting saved in "arcade\sysimagefolders_arcade.ini" file, "manuals_directory" entry in [MAME] section, but it's not part of the image categories
- access in games popup menu and in images tool bar buttons
Support for "scores3.htm" so you can view MARP info again in "MAME Game Docs" feature
- you must download "http://replay.marpirc.net/txt/scores3.htm" link from internet and put file into MAME's "\dats\" folder or the folder you selected for data files
- the frontend will try to read the file and show the scores info
- file "marp.dat" is still supported, but cannot be used not together with "scores3.htm"... pick one

Download: EmuLoader v8.6.8
Source: Here

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