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CEmu v1.2 is released. CEmu is a third-party TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE calculator emulator, focused on developer features. The core is programmed in C and the GUI in C++ with Qt, for performance and portability reasons. CEmu works natively on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Standard features
* Built-in ROM dump wizard. CEmu does not rely on downloading an OS from TI's website nor does it have a custom boot/loader: a ROM from your own calculator is required. CEmu makes it very easy to get it.
* Accurate and fast emulation (you can also customize the speed and even toggle throttling)
* Resizable calculator screen
* "Always-on-top" window option
* Screen capture (PNG, GIF)
* Screen recording (animated GIF)
* File sending/receiving (partial, WIP)
* Multiple keybinding presets
* CE skins (colors like the real devices)
Developer features
* Custom display refresh rate
* Custom emulation speed/throttling
* Code stepping, jumping...
* R/W/X breakpoints
* eZ80 disassembler (with equates support)
* Profiler (WIP-branch)
* Port monitor/editor
* Timers simple monitor/editor
* Memory viewer/editor
* CPU state/registers viewer/editor
* LCD state/parameters viewer/editor
* Memory visualizer (as fully customizable virtual LCDs)
* Stack viewer
* OP1-6 viewer
* VAT viewer
* Variable list with preview and program launcher
* Misc. emulation (backlight, battery...)
* "Autotester" (automated unit testing, light scripting)

You can now toggle highlighting/wrapping/formatting in the variable previewer
Support for the "temporary equation" var format has been added to the var list/previewer (#287)
RAM can now be imported/exported as well
New button to directly take a screenshot into the clipboard (#291)
You can now drag'n'drop from the LCD to somewhere else to export a screenshot (#290)
Core: implemented SPI write memory.

GUI improvements
The variable list's previewer uses @jacobly0's TI-like font
The scroll position is kept as much as possible in the variable previewer
Much better handling of touch-enabled laptop displays (#282)
The keypad history window is now a dock, solving some minor issues (#301)
On macOS, if you build with Qt 5.12+, Xcode 10 and a 10.14 SDK, dark mode is supported (watch out)

Other improvements
Core: better random-read performance (unmapped areas...)
TI-Bundle support has been fully reworked to be much simpler
The autotester can now handle the new libs group format
The autotester, when in debug mode, dumps memory upon failure
Misc. GUI code cleanup
Bug fixes
Added some missing tokens to the TI-Basic syntax highlighter
Cleaned up threading code and fixed race condition causing random emulation perma-freezes
Fixed docks possibly growing/moving a bit after reopening CEmu (#288)
Build-related improvements
For Windows, the MSVC builds (AppVeyor) now use Qt 5.11, and MinGW builds (Jacobly) Qt 5.12
For macOS, builds now use Qt 5.12
Travis and AppVeyor CI build processes got simplified and are now faster
Linux builds on OBS now also have binaries for Fedora 29 and Ubuntu 18.10

EmuCR: CEmu

Download: CEmu v1.2

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