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EmuCR: VirtualBoxVirtualBox v6.0 RC1 is released. VirtualBox is a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86/x64 hardware. Targeted at server, desktop and embedded use, it is now the only professional-quality virtualization solution that is also Open Source Software.

VirtualBox v6.0 RC1 Changelog:
VirtualBox 6.0 will be a new major release. Here is an incomplete list of changes since Beta 3:
Audio: added support for surround speaker setups (e.g. used by Windows 10 Build 1809)
Storage: added utility vboximg-mount on OS X to access the content of disk images on the host.
Documentation: complete rewrite.
In addition, the following items were fixed and/or added:
Linux Additions: fix for building vboxvideo on EL 7.6 standard kernel, contributed by Robert Conde (bug #18093)
Shared folders: performance improvements

Download: VirtualBox v6.0 RC1
Source: Here

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