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EmuCR: Denise Denise v1.0.3.1 is released. Denise is a cycle accurate and platform independant c64 / amiga emulator. At the moment ONLY c64 cartridge, tape and prg files are supported and features like savestates are not available. My motivation for this project is understanding how it works and write clean and easy readable code.

Denise v1.0.3.1 changelog:
reduced drive thread cpu usage greatly (a extra core has consumed permanently 100%)
some system settings, which consumes additional cpu power, are highlighted
improved user input capture process
it's now easier to assign multiple inputs at once (i.e. Alt + Shift + S)
it's now selectable to overwrite (default) or append an existing mapping
added kernal, basic, char and 1541 bios files
can be replaced by custom versions

Download: Denise v1.0.3.1

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