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EmuCR: microM8 microM8 (2018/08/20) is released. microM8 (originally called Octalyzer) is An Apple //e Emulator. Introducing the Octalyzer, an innovative new all-in-one platform for exploring computing history, starting with the Apple II! The Octalyzer is a multi-tasking Apple IIe emulator, with enhanced (but compatible) language interpreters, expanded modern capabilities, and (eventually) an integrated on-line bulletin-board system and media library for exploring computing’s past with all the comforts of the present.

Currently the Octalyzer features full-screen Apple IIe emulation with decent compatibility, USB and mouse-controlled joystick support, cloud disk library (when logged-in to Octa-Link), 3D camera support, 3D LOGO, enhanced BASIC interpreters, custom file browser and editor, and remote screen sharing.

Download: microM8 (2019/02/12) x86
Download: microM8 (2019/02/12) x64

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