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EmuCR: PlaynitePlaynite v5.0.0 is released. Open source video game library manager and launcher with support for 3rd party libraries like Steam, GOG, Origin, Battle.net and Uplay. Including game emulation support, providing one unified interface for your games.

Playnite Features
* Steam, Origin, GOG, Battle.net, Uplay support
* Import games from Steam, Origin, Battle.net, GOG and Uplay services including games that are not installed. You can also import Windows Store (UWP) games.
* Console Emulation support
* Import console games and run them through emulators.
* View options
* Choose from 3 different view options.
* Custom games
* Add any game or program with custom launch options.
* Automatic Update
* Application automatically updates to new version.
* Portable installation
* Run Playnite without need to install, with ability to run from any place, with option to configure database location for automatic sync via service like DropBox or Google Drive.

Playnite Planned Features
* "Big Picture" mode with controller support
* Fullscreen mode managed with controller.
* UI Customization
* Full support for skins and custom color pallets.
* Add additional launch options for legacy games
* To help managing and launching older games. Features like limit CPU cores, CPU speed fix, compatibility flags, automatic installation of 3d party wrappers etc.
* Plugin support
* Add additional functionality through easy scritping or fully fledged C# plugins.

Playnite changelog:
Some application settings won't be carried over during update and will be reset to default values
Existing 4.x extensions won't work and will need to be updated by extension author
Existing 4.x themes won't work anymore
Changed view naming scheme to correspond with terminology used in Steam

Completely reworked Fullscreen mode experience (UX design by @LordFren)
Reworked custom theme support
Reworked plugins SDK
Global game field manager
Explorer panel
Numerous improvements to game edit dialog
Additional grouping, sorting and filtering options
Options to customize cover image rendering on Grid view (applies to Fullscreen mode as well)
Options to change position of various panels
Options to choose which game fields should be displayed on details panel
Options to save metadata download settings (also configurable from Settings menu)
Filters now show list of available items to search by
Option to import "Last played" information from Steam (by @bburky)
Less intrusive update notifications (by @Mates1500)
Option to select different tray icons (by @tylerszabo)
Origin games sync play time (by @tylerszabo)
Separate menu for importing Microsoft Store games
.exe files are now in default list when selecting game icon
Option to disable XInput handling in Desktop mode
FightCade emulator profile
Locale emulator profile
New translations and translation fixes

Import of uninstalled Twitch games is not working
Play time detection is not working for Microsoft Store and Xbox App games (games must be re-imported for fix to work properly)
Import of Microsoft Store and Xbox App games doesn't work properly
Application can be stuck on exit
KeePass use with library authentications keeps entering text in the main Playnite Window (by @tylerszabo)
Filter textboxes not behaving correctly (by @T-0pel)
Crash when opening URL (by @tylerszabo)
Some strings not being translatable
Crash when opening tga image for metadata
Filter panel state is not saved been application restarts
Snes9x emulator profile not supporting .smc files
PCGamingWiki links are not added to all games
Reddit links from IGDB not being imported properly (by @AIRyndon)
Various crash fixes


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