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#CSpect V2.11.1 is released. #CSpect is a ZXSpectrum emulator by Mike Dailly.

#CSpect changeglog:
#CSpect V2.11.1 changes
Fixed extra pixel in wrapping scroll of ULA
Fixed label on/off
Fixed lowres vertex clip "smear"

#CSpect V2.11.0 changes
Fixed -tv command line, and made it actually switch off all shader usage
if bit 6 in attrib 3 is not set, #CSpect now properly ignores attribute 4
Copper now runs at 28Mhz
The CPU no longers slows down over the screen
ULA can now scroll in 1/2 pixels
ULA Shadow screen now works with Layer 2
Reg 0x69 added (Layer 2 enable, ULA shadow mirror, and port bits 0-5 goto port 0xFF)
Copper Reg 0x63 added
DMA is now always 14Mhz...
4 bit lowres mode added (reg 0x6A)
Added $123b Read mode
Added $123b 48K mapping mode
Reg 7 is now R/W, and bits 4/5 now set correctly
Window regsiters are now R/W

Download: #CSpect V2.11.1

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