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EmuCR: Attract-ModeAttract-Mode v2.6.0 is released. Attract-Mode is a graphical front-end for command line emulators such as MAME, MESS and Nestopia. It hides the underlying operating system and is intended to be controlled with a joystick, gamepad or spin dial, making it ideal for use in arcade cabinet setups. Attract-Mode is open source and runs on Linux, Mac OS-X and Windows.

- Raspberry pi support. Thanks to nitrogen_widget for digging into this and helping to get it up and running!
- Multiple monitor support (Windows and Linux)
- Artwork scraper added to automatically download missing snapshots, marquees, wheel logos, flyers, boxart and even fanart images.
- Improved support for different image formats.
- Spanish translation (thanks Seru!)
- Added fade effect module for layouts (see reflect layout and the fanart background option in cools' layout)

Attract-Mode Changelog:
Bump version to 2.6
Issue #582 - Fix layout freezing after a month of inactivity
Small refactor of code for getting artwork images
Fixed problematic usage of c_str();
Issue #558 - Added ability to get sort value with fe.game_info()
Issue #566 - fix filter info update when display changes
Improved error status checking for thegamesdb.net scraping
Fix compile if libcurl not found
Issue #531 - fix linux packaging typo (libcurl3 -> libcurl4)
Issue #538 - update compile instructions with curl (windows cross-compile)
Issue #532 - Initial work to update scraper to new thegamesdb.net API
minor re-arrange to minimize windows.h header includes
Issue #534 - Fixed magic tokens returning incorrect result
The play state of swf files can now be controlled from a script using the video_playing property
Speed up swf rendering by reusing a single OpenGL context
fe.get_art() now returns fallback artwork from the layout (if present)
Fix crash when error encounterd in the 'script.nv' file
Refactor window creation and fix black screen on launch
Include OpenGL version information with 'attract --version' command
Fixed crash for certain invalid attract.cfg settings
[Windows] fix a hang when returning from emulator (w/ Intel graphics)

Keil Miller (2 commits)

Scrape "buttons" elements from hyperspin .xml (#563)
Added Transition.EndNavigation trigger (#567)

Radek Dutkiewicz (16 commits)

Fixed reggression in video rendering framerates on Nvidia (#552)
Additional window modes fixes (#551)
Fixed low framerate on AMD cards (#550)
Improved decoding quality of videos with non 1:1 pixel aspect ratio (#548)
Added Nvidia profile management with optimizations (#529)
Fixed for windowed modes being rendered at desktop resolution (#528)
Increased video timeout to 5 seconds (#546)
Updated manifest for multi monitor mode (#526)
Fixed compiler errors on non Windows builds
Replaced Windows version check with macros
Additional fixes
Fixed black screen in fullscreen mode on game launch
Fixed high CPU on video playback and video freezing after resuming from sleep (#520)
Updated nowide to fix crashing on Windows (#523)
Layout offset on rotation fix (#512)
Added new fe_text property msg_wrapped (#507)

EmuCR: Attract-Mode

Download: Attract-Mode v2.6.0 x86
Download: Attract-Mode v2.6.0 x86
Source: Here

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