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EmuCR: Denise Denise v1.0.7 is released. Denise is a cycle accurate and platform independant c64 / amiga emulator. At the moment ONLY c64 cartridge, tape and prg files are supported and features like savestates are not available. My motivation for this project is understanding how it works and write clean and easy readable code.

Denise v1.0.7 changelog:
fixed a critical bug that caused OSX builds to use illegal instructions for some architectures
added EasyFlash support
fixed widget layouting, when app/text scaling is activated by Windows OS
added screenshot generation for testbench
added double step function of drive head motor (Primitive 7 Sins)
added drive motor deceleration
added slider to adjust drive motor speed and wobble
removed read latch from drive mechanic, only VIA is latching readed byte
distinguish between physical and logical tracks for disk content preview in UI
fixed a rare bug in gpu driven RF Modulation, when disabling luma 'fall' but not 'rise'
added a new aggressive fast-forward mode, which disables VIC-II Sequencer for a few frames
combined key presses (ALT + W) don't trigger single keys when partially released
i.e. if ALT is released a few milliseconds sooner than 'W', it doesn't print a 'W'
bugfixed RawInput: some joystick types were not registered
unplugged joypads will not be forgot anymore
transfer file names of loaded software to the savestate description field
added diagonal joypad directions as optional virtual keys to activate it by single keyboard stroke
added new application icon [thanks to Retrofan]
added new application logo in project pages [thanks to Retrofan]
added japanese translation [thanks to Ulgon]
launch associated files in fullscreen (from command line, or file association)
fixed a few minor macOS display bugs

Download: Denise v1.0.7

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