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skeletonKey v0.99.70.40 is released. A unified interface for ROMs, emulators and frontends. This tool is a unified interface for ROMs, emulators and frontends. SkeletonKey can be used as a GUI to download and configure emulators, deploy frontends, launch ROMs, and manage assets & artwork by leveraging internet ROM-repositories, metadata-databases, art/video-scrapers and retroArch's netplay capabilities

skeletonKey Features:
* A comprehensive, easy to use & compact GUI
* Drag & Drop ROMs to launch & create playlists.
* Leverages internet ROM repositories for netplay automation
* Global and granular control over libraires of ROMs.
* Deploy a gaming environment to a portable device such as a flash-drive.
* Mirror your saves and save-states into a cloud (Dropbox/GDrive/OneDrive)
* Convert ROMs to a Windows executable
* Download, install & setup HTPC frontends, emulators and joystick mapping programs.

Download: skeletonKey v0.99.70.40


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