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EmuCR: dolwinDolwin SamplingProfiler v1.0 is released. Dolwin is a Nintendo GameCube Emulator for Windows. Utility application for analyzing data collected using the Sampling Profiler (StartProfiler and StopProfiler commands).

Input data:
Json with collected samples (sampleData)
GameCube main memory dump (can be obtained using the ramsave command). It should be kept in mind that if the program loaded overlay during the collection of samples, then the code that was sampled before may differs to the sampled addresses. I have not yet figured out how it is more convenient to make support for overlays (DolphinSDK REL files)
Symbolic information (Map). Supports CodeWarrior and Dolwin RAW map formats.
More information can be found in Docs\EMU folder.
You also need Dolwin Data folder.

Download: Dolwin SamplingProfiler v1.0
Source: Here

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