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EmuCR: dolwinDolwin v0.11 is released. Dolwin is a Nintendo GameCube Emulator for Windows. Dolwin is an emulator of Nintendo Gamecube console. This platform is based on PowerPC-derivative processor, produced by IBM Corp. and codenamed Gekko. Dolwin mainly purposed to emulate homebrewn applications.

Dolwin v0.11 Changelog:
Fuh, it’s hard to tell in a nutshell, but I’ll try.

Firstly, the development has been restarted since 2004. Can you imagine what fossils you had to work with. Major changes:

Multithreading: the emulator engine is prepared for multitask execution of all components. Now the interface, processor emulation, DSP and non-invasive debugger can simultaneously work on the background. All this can be stopped and run separately at any time.
Basic emulation of GameCube DSP. It’s enough that the games do not hang at the very beginning. In future releases, support will be improved for sound output.
The new JDI infrastructure has been added to the debugger (more details can be found here: https://github.com/ogamespec/dolwin/blob/master/Docs/EMU/JsonDebugInterface.md)
The interface is translated to Unicode, the settings are now stored in Json. The settings themselves are greatly simplified.
The source code is cleaned and divided into sub-projects
Plans for the next releases can be viewed on GitHub: https://github.com/ogamespec/dolwin/milestones

PS. This is not an April's joke, by the way Dolwin 0.10 was also released on April 1 :P

Download: Dolwin v0.11
Source: Here


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